I am very proud and enthusiastic about what we offer at Peter Lalor Vocational College.

We are a modern technical school specialising in hands-on, applied learning focussed solely on preparing students for the world of work (apprenticeships, traineeships, and general employment) or further TAFE training.

We are unique in exclusively offering the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses at Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 levels.  We are excellent at what we do because this is all we do.

We are known for having some of the best applied learning educators in the state that have combined expertise in both curriculum and student wellbeing.

We are career focused offering three days of VCAL, one day of VET and one day working with an employer. Four days of school and one day at work is an excellent way for students to learn and often “opens doors” into employment for students.

We are much more than a school, we are a Community Learning Hub sharing our facilities with a Community Garden, Men’s Shed, Community Kitchen, International School and other community organisations, all enriching our learning environment. The college has a fully functioning Hair and Beauty Salon, Commercial Kitchen, Multi-media and Digital Photography studios. The college also has the new $6 million Outer Northern Trade Training Centre on-site (specialising in Automotive and Building & Construction Training Courses). In addition we have a network to offer almost any trade certificate beyond these.

We have built strong relationships with industry and training and apprenticeship groups, all providing a fast track into employment for many of our students. Our past students have experienced resounding success beyond the college.

I would be delighted to show-off the college by providing a personal tour of the college at work.

Rod Sheehan – Principal