Foundation VCAL

For Admission

Starts: 01 February, 2018
Duration : 1 Year
Instructors: Foundation VCAL
Phone : 9464 0122
Fax: 9465 6590
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Peter Lalor Vocational College staff are excited to offer the only secondary school Foundation VCAL program in the Northern Region. This program is usually taken up by students who are 15 years of age and over, who wish to undertake Vocational Education and Training (VET) alongside the VCAL Certificate. Students undertake Literacy, Numeracy, Work Related Skills, Personal Development, VET and one day of Structured Work Placement. Typically a Foundation timetable would be:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
VCAL Integrated Curriculum Structured work place learning Vocational
Education &
Training in School
VCAL Integrated Curriculum VCAL Integrated
1.20 Finish