Meet Our Staff

Principal – Rod Sheehan

 Rod Sheehan

I have been a passionate VCAL teacher and ambassador since I commenced teaching. Being recognised as VCAL Teacher of the Year in 2011 and also winning a National Excellence in Teaching Award for Inspirational Teaching in 2012 were career highlights. I ensure quality VCAL programs operate throughout the state by lecturing at Deakin University in Applied Learning, present at local and national conferences, and I am a member of the VCAL QA Panel. Additionally, I had the privilege of writing both the current VCAL PDS and WRS curriculums in conjunction with the VCAA. I believe that students have different learning styles and when presented with the right style and teacher, a student can excel and demonstrate skills and knowledge beyond what was thought possible.

Assistant Principal – David McKay

 David Mckay

Current Teaching Staff

Foundation Level

David Gayfer – Team Leader

I have been working in education for the past 20 years in a range of schools and settings with my main teaching area being in Physical Education. I have spent the previous 8 years working in the VCAL and VET sector with a sports based VCAL and VET program. This experience has taught me that if we can find what students are passionate about and develop great rapport with students than all students can be successful in their learning. I was attracted to working at Peter Lalor as it is a small school where students are treated as individuals and are given the opportunity to be successful.

Grace Langton – Community Services VET / VCAL Teacher

I have worked as a teacher and a youth worker for many years in school and community settings as well as the TAFE and University sectors, but I am delighted to be working at Peter Lalor Vocational College teaching VCAL and VET Certificate 111 Community Services. As an educator my particular interests include; community and youth work, drama and the performing arts and experiential / hands on learning programs. It is a privilege to be working at a school that provides young people opportunities to receive a quality education specifically designed to support their entry into the working world and to assist them to achieve their own life goals.

Paris Mantz – Literacy / Integration Coordinator & VCAL Teacher

Paris Mantz

I became a teacher qualified in 1999. I was previously employed at Peter Lalor Secondary College and returned to the college when it became a Vocational College and became a VCAL teacher. I have specialised in Literacy for most of my teaching career and have been fascinated with how language works. I am also a member of the School Improvement Team working towards creating an engaging integrated curriculum for our students. I believe that all students have the capacity to learn; it is the teacher’s role to help them find how they learn best. Our role is to facilitate students’ learning according to their interests whenever possible and to foster life-long learners.

Intermediate Level

Gabby Panozzo – Team Leader / Community Links Broker

Gabby Panozzo

The reason I was so attracted to the school is that it values the development of skills for young people. It has a hands on approach to learning and it values and promotes resilience and personal ownership over education. This philosophy fits perfectly with the way I have always worked with young people. The school environment offers more time and more creative ways to engage with young people and the chance to see outcomes of the work that we do.

Jamie Gray – VASS & Numeracy Coordinator / VCAL Teacher

James Gray

I have been teaching Numeracy in the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne for over twenty-five years, predominantly as a mathematics, chemistry and science teacher. For the last fifteen years I have been at the forefront of delivering the competency based VCAL program. I have presented numerous VCAL workshops, been involved in VCAL curriculum development and I am also currently a VCAL Quality Assurance panel member. VCAL has provided me the wonderful opportunity to really get to know students and help them along their learning journey.

Rachel Villani – VCAL Teacher

Rachel Villani

I commenced working at the College in 2015 after a successful career in Youth Work spanning over 8 years. My passion for working with particularly disengaged and vulnerable young people saw me further enhance my skills and enter the teaching profession. I am passionate about delivering VCAL education at PLVC to young people, as it caters for different learning styles and needs whilst allowing a safe and supportive environment for

Senior Level

David Stillwell – Team Leader / Leading Teacher

I have been teaching within the education sector for the past 16 years, gaining experience from a variety of Primary, Secondary and Vocational Training settings. I have been teaching VCAL specifically for the past 6 years and have been actively involved with developing online and classroom curriculum for VCAL and VET- Having won an award for “Program of the Year” for VCAL Online in 2014. I have also been a contributor to the VCAA advisory board in 2014 – 2016 in development of the VCAL curriculum handbooks and Secretary for the Victorian Applied Learning Association committee of management from 2014. In 2015, I completed a Masters of Educational Management from the University of Melbourne and have begun a PhD Thesis in 2016, researching – the benefits of digital technology for disengaged young people – at the University of Melbourne.

Tracy Cooknell – VCAL Teacher

Tracy Cooknell

I have been teaching at the College since 2008, and have been a teacher for over 10 years. I teach Senior Numeracy and Personal Development Skills. I believe that education is a two-way proposition. The students’ responsibility is to come to class prepared to learn, and my responsibility is to create an interactive environment that engages the student in the learning process.

Liz Brown – VCAL Teacher

I qualified as a Secondary School Teacher in England in 2008.  I have worked with children from prep to grade 12 and have a huge passion for students gaining vital work related skills.  I am a hands on teacher who genuinely cares about each and every student, therefore wanting the absolute best outcome for everyone.  I believe that it’s a team effort between myself and my students. 

I hope you are just as excited as I am about being a part of this wonderful school. I look forward to meeting you.

Vocational Education Training

Steve Stokes – Childcare

Grace Langton – Community Services

Nancy Ganino – Beauty

Connie Nikolovski – Hairdressing

Administration and Support Staff

Vicki Masalkovski – Business Manager

Vicki Masalkovski

I have held the position of Business Manager at the College since 1999. I have worked at the College for over 25 years and have seen all the changes that have happened in that time. I enjoy working at the College. I feel privileged to watch the students who come through the college and the support they are given by the great team that work here.

Lisa O’Flynn – Assistant Business Manager / Transitions Pathways

Lisa O’Flynn

In 2000, I began working at the College as a trainee through Apprenticeships Plus doing a Certificate III in Education (Office Stream). After my traineeship was complete the school offered me a position. I left in mid 2010 to work at another secondary college. I then returned to Peter Lalor Vocational College as a position became available for an Assistant Business Manager, Transition & Student Pathways Support. Since returning to PLVC I feel like I am back home after being on away for the past 3 ½ years.

Petronella Sampson – Education Support Officer / Administration

Petronella Sampson

I left school in year 11 starting as a receptionist/office worker and worked my way up to a Private Secretary. Part of my duties was answering the phone, a plug and cord switchboard. (I am sure the younger generation of today would have a good laugh if they know what one of these is.) After staying home for 14 years being a Mum, computers came in and I had to learn how to use a “mouse”. I re-entered the work force and started at the College nine years ago. I can be found in the office promoting the school.

Belinda Batty – VET & Career Pathways Coordinator

With a Master of Education (Applied Learning), a Graduate Certificate in Leadership in Education and Training and over ten years teaching experience I have a genuine enthusiasm for education. I’m passionate about VCAL as it provides opportunities to facilitate learning experiences that provide students with opportunities to develop skills and attitudes, so as they can recognise the value of lifelong learning as a means of creating their own futures.

Russell – Counsellor

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I work throughout the Northern Region as a counsellor in a number of schools. I have been working in the Northern Region for more than 10 years. I have been working at the College for the past 5 years and have built great relationships with both staff and students. I am of the belief that applied learning can be of great benefit to address a variety of student learning preferences to create engagement in life-long learning. I feel privileged to be involved in the ongoing development of the college community.

Denise Camenzuli – Integration Aide

Denise Camenzuli

I have been an Integration Aide since 1997 at both primary and secondary levels. During this time, I have seen many changes in education. I believe that students should have the opportunity to work at their own pace and take responsibility for their learning. I would like to continue to see Peter Lalor Vocational College grow and develop due to the innovative and relevant programs that are offered. I am committed to vocational style learning and support the VET programs within the school and through our partnership with ONTTC.

Lorna Gornalle –Integration Aide

Lorna Gornalle

I joined the team at Peter Lalor Vocational College in 2015. I enjoy working closely with the students in the classroom and assisting on the great excursions that we organise. It is very rewarding to watch our students grow in their confidence, abilities and independence.

Jo Newcombe – Integration Aide

Jo Newcombe

I joined Peter Lalor Vocational College in 2016. I have worked as an integration aid for the past 7 years. I enjoy working with students of all abilities with the goal of achieving their full potential. The VCAL program has enabled me to help with hands on activities and excursions which has made coming to work so much fun.

Rachael Philp – Integration Aide

Rachael Philp

I joined Peter Lalor Vocational College in July 2014. I have been an integration aide for 4 years, prior to this I raised my own family. I enjoy working closely with students of all abilities to help them achieve their full potential. I was particularly attracted to Peter Lalor College as it has great vocational opportunities.

Steve Stokes – VET Trainer / Integration Aide

Steve Stokes

I worked as a Staff Development Officer for 20 years at Transport Accident Commission until they moved to Geelong, this gave me an opportunity to reassess my career aspirations.  An interest in childhood development lead me into a Childcare career which I held for two years until the birth of our two youngest girls in succession, fast forward 5 years as a stay at home parent; a return to study as an Integration Aide and a new and exciting chapter at Peter Lalor Vocational College.

Alex Messinis – IT Support

Alex Messinis

I started at the College in 2013. I feel a deep connection with the school as my father worked here, retiring in 2006. I have joined the team as an IT Support to assist with software and hardware troubleshooting. I enjoy working with both staff and students and providing and maintaining ICT equipment to a high standard to ensure quality teaching and learning.