Year 10 Applied Learning

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applied Learning

Universally, educational researchers identify significant cognitive, physical, social and emotional changes for students aged 14 -16. The developmental phase sees our young people transition from dependence to interdependence, the relationships they form with their peers are paramount and often a core focus for our young people. In this period, we see students face challenges and uncertainty often beyond their own ability to resolve and it is a time of unbelievable growth and development. In other words, our young people are growing up.


As educators we know that it is in these years that we see the highest rates of disengagement from our young people and this is not because they are naughty, or rebellious, it is because developmentally there is so much happening for our young people, socially, emotionally and cognitively, the demands and pressures of school can often feel overwhelming and hence we see patterns of disengagement.

Research has shown that students benefit from a stimulating, challenging and rewarding curriculum that caters for diversity in learning styles and abilities.

And in light of this pedagogical philosophy, our IGNITE program was born.


Students at Year 10 are provided with learning opportunities that take them beyond the classroom on a regular basis, relating theoretical learning in the classroom to its relationship within the real world in which we live. Our students are given opportunities and responsibilities as community members to interact as global citizens and make the world a better place for others less fortunate. They are treated as young adults but guided as developing teenagers in their abilities and decision making leading to independence.