Be consistent, but flexible.

Care for them unconditionally but hold them accountable.

Give them a voice to be a leader.

Applied Well-Being

Refers to putting well-being principles into practice.

Contextual Approaches

A contextual approach is based on the principle that behaviour occurs within, and is influenced by, specific contexts, one component of which is given in the client’s experience.


Restorative Practice

Restorative practice is a strategy that seeks to repair relationships that have been damaged, including those damaged through bullying. It does this by bringing about a sense of remorse and restorative action on the part of the protagonist and forgiveness by the survivor.


Reflective Practice

Reflective practice can be a very useful tool in learning as it allows one to recognise one's own strengths and weaknesses, to guide and promote ongoing learning. Through reflection one develops one's skills in self-directed learning, improving motivation, the quality of self-care and the care one is able to provide for others.


Unconditional Positive Regard

Practicing unconditional positive regard means respecting and accepting others as they are, without evaluation or judgement. This approach is often used in client-centred therapy and practice.

As educators, the more we know about who we teach, the more effective we will be with what we teach.

Taking time to get to know our students isn't fluff time, it's academic time.

-Dr Justin Tarte

At Peter Lalor, our students are the focus of all that we do. Building strong authentic relationships with our students is our number one priority. Understanding who they are is essential to our teaching philosophy.